29. jan 2019


- and if not, who is going to bury me?

 Okay, you moved to Denmark! You are so brave! Welcome!  
It’s a huge step! Moving abroad and entering a new culture can be fun, but also extremely stressful. You have made it so far: getting your whereabouts when it comes to work, study, and school for your kids. Check! Or maybe you are just overwhelmed!
So many decisions to make: Should I join a Danish speaking church? A church that speaks my language? Or should I join a church of many cultures united in ONE church? You might have discovered it - there are so many great churches in Copenhagen.
We want to help you survive as an expat in church.
Maybe because you are planning to stay, get married, have kids and grow old in Denmark.
Or maybe you are here for a shorter time, and need to consider the questions: What are my friendship needs? Do I want to become a volunteer? Or will I simply play the role of spectator while I'm here?
You might have more questions than answers about church. And we want to help you discover the possibilities and answer your most pressing questions.
In our International Membership and Cultural events ( IMC-event), we want to  equip you to succeed in living in Denmark, so you can get the best out of your time in church, whether you are a single student, mum, dad or you are here with your family.
On Sunday, February 3rd, from 14.00 - 16.00 we will have our first IMC event in Kirken i Kulturcenteret.
We meet in the yellow hall, Drejervej 15, 2400NV


•     What is the structure of the church?
•     Can I become a member of the church while living here?
•     Does the church have any rituals around major life events: wedding, child dedication, confirmation - and, honestly...who will bury me? 
•     So how do you connect into church as a single or as a family? 
•     How do I establish friendships in a Danish culture, where it´s not the easiest thing to do.
•     Nobody has asked me to volunteer - how do I find a place to serve?
•     Why do you need to pay for your child to be a member of the Children or Youth ministry?
•     What is the best way to make new friends living in Denmark?
•     your questions: ……………………………………………………