14. maj 2017

Pastor Mikael Wandt Laursen as the new full-time Secretary General of FrikirkeNet

After 13 years as a Pastor in Copenhagen Christian Center, Mikael Wandt Laursen has decided to resign and become a full-time Secretary General of FrikirkeNet. He will however remain as an active member of Copenhagen Christian Center.

The occupational aspiration for Mikael has always been where the society and church meets, the job as Secretary General for FrikirkeNet is therefore a dream come true. “The mission of FrikirkeNet is to present the church to politicians, media and the general Danish population in a broader sense, and it is a task that I’ve wanted to take on for a while” says Mikael Wandt Laursen. In fact, this particular aspiration prompted Mikael to take a one-year study leave to study Journalism four years ago. 

Mikael is grateful for the years as a Pastor at Copenhagen Christian Center. “I would have never become who I am if it wasn’t for the church and for Senior Pastor Jarle Tangstad. I’ve been challenged, at the same time supported and I’ve been given opportunities for which I am very grateful,” says Mikael.

During the past 13 years Mikael Wandt Laursen’s Pastoral responsibilities included the discipleship school, youth work, Sundays ervices, network groups and most recently the international part of the church. Mikael’s thoughts about the past four years that he’s been responsible for networking are as such: ”The people that have been transformed through networking groups, and the atmosphere of devotion and willingness to serve that I have experienced in the international community has given me a lot of energy and made it such a joy to serve as a full time Pastor.”
Even though Mikael is resigning as a Pastor, he will still be an active member in church: “I still have my Men’s life group, and will serve in the area of networks. On Sundays I’m looking forward to attending services with my family and eating together downstairs in the Connect area afterwards. It will be a whole new experience,”says Mikael with a smile.