Honest Transparency

We value meeting all people and cultures with openness and respect, because God's love is for everyone. 

God's unconditional love gives us courage to be honest towards God, ourselves, and our neighbors. We live lives as whole people who live a lifestyle of authenticity and credibility.


We value quality and service. 

We will do the best we can with what we have to create the right environment where people can open themselves to God. It is important for us to be relevant and engaged in our city, and to help make København a better city to live in. Jesus' example motivates us to be aware of and attempt to meet the needs of others.

engaged Fellowship

We value relationships that develop us and acts of service that enrich us. 
Because we are loved and accepted by Jesus, we can create a strong community where we grow close to each other and develop relationships that keep us strong. 
This is a natural starting point for us contributing our gifts and talents to something bigger than ourselves. 

Devoted Faith

We value affectionate faith in the Jesus we meet in the Bible. This gives us integrity and energy to serve others. 

We worship Jesus both individually and as a communtiy, and seek contemplation and intimacy with him through prayer. 

We believe that the Bible, as God's Word, is living and creative, and provides guidelines for our lives. 

Therefore, we develop through personal reading of the Bible and by the teachings of the church, translated into our faith and commitment. 

We believe in the Holy Spirit's leadership and desire to convey His gifts in anticipation of God's signs and wonders.

Bold Generosity

We value a life of courageous generosity, where we invest in people and dare to venture in new directions.

We will live for the enrichment and benefit of ourselves and others, and create space for risks and mistakes. 

We want to extend ourselves by using our gifts and talents til benefit others, here and around the world. 

This applies to our financial resources, as well. 

True Joy

We value the celebration of life as a gift. 

We have an appetite for life and look forward to what we do.

We will celebrate successes and value and encouage each other.

We want to experience the fullness and depth of life, and strive to include ourselves in all dimensions — spiritual, social, and cutural.