Church History

Kirken i Kulturcentert (The Church in the Culture Center) is the result of four Copenhagen free churches coming together into one. The congregation is derived from some of Denmark's earliest Pentacostal churches, with the oldest founded in 1911.

In the early 1980's, the four churches started working together, which led to work on several large-scale projects, such as the establishment of a common Bible school and founding Copenhagen Christian Radio / TV.

These collaborations brought the four congregations even closer together. In 1993, they decided to unite and form Pinsekirken København (Copenhagen Pentecostal Church). The merger was driven by a common desire to reach Copenhagen with the Christian message.

In 1997, Pinsekirken København bought the property where the church stands today on Drejervej. The congregation collected 10 million kroner in order to completely renovate the building. Construction lasted for two years and was carried out primarily by volunteers from the church.

In 1999, the new building on Drejervej was opened. The facility itself became known as Københavns Kristne Kulturcenter (Copenhagen Christian Cultural Center), and the church officially changed its name to Kirken i Kulturcentert (The Church in the Cultural Center). Since then, the church's facilities have formed a framework for social work and cultural events, and have been a gathering place for faith.

Kirken i Kulturcentert celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011.