KATSJ - Children's Church


Every Sunday at 11:00am, children ages 0-12 are invited to join our special children's program, KATSJ. Our volunteers and leaders work hard to ensure that the environment is characterized by openness, security, and community. 

KATSJ has two main purposes: to help children get to know God and help them get to know each other. In order for kids of all ages to thrive, they are divided into different groups based development and age.

If you would like more information about KATSJ, please visit www.katsj.dk (available in Danish and English) or contact our Children's Pastor, Amy Hill.

baby room

A baby room is located in the back corner of the Main Hall. It is reserved for parents and their tired and hungry children, aged 0-2 years. In the baby room, you can participate in the worship service while taking care of your child. Additionally, small children asleep in their strollers can be left in the foyer near the security desk, where they will be supervised by our security team.


Pico is our class for children 0-2 years old. You are welcome to drop off your children in Pico starting at 10:45am. All children are given a number, so we can get hold of you during the service if your child needs you. You are also welcome to stay and participate in the class. After introductory playtime, we gather the children around a table for songs, snack, and some storytime. Afterwards, they're allowed to play again until 12:35pm, when they should be picked up. Pico meets in Blue Room and is led by Helle Lohse.


Nano is for 3-5 year olds. A typical Sunday at Nano starts at 10:45am, when you can drop off your children. All children are given a number, so we can get hold of you during the service if your child needs you. We start with a lot of free play. Then, at 11:15am, we gather in a circle on the floor to sing some songs and read an exciting story from the Bible. We often follow that up with creative activities, so that the kids can take something home. We finish things up with a little snack. At 12:35pm, the children can be picked up. Nano meets in the White Room and is led by Pastor Amy Hill.

GIGA - Grades 0-4

Giga is for children in grades 0-4. A typical Sunday at Giga begins at 10:55am, where we kick things off with an hour of songs, competitions, and exciting Bible stories. Then, we either do activities together or break up into small groups for the final 40 minutes. Giga ends at 12:35pm, when you can come and pick up your children. Giga meets in the Red Room and is led by Anni Christtreu.

PETA - Grade 5-6

Peta is for children in grades 5 and 6. They meet in the foyer before the 11:00 service and will often pariticipate in the praise and worship portion of the service in the Main Hall. Afterwards, they go off by themselves for some group discussion about the Bible. Peta ends at 12:35pm. It is led by Amy Hill.