Your gifts make a difference

Generosity is at the heart of who we are as a church. It enables us to achieve our collective vision of seeing waves of people experience life transformation through the love of Jesus. 

It doesn’t cost anything to be part of Kirken i Kulturcenteret, nor does the church receive any support from the state. Instead, the church is funded by voluntary contributions from all who dream of turning our shared vision into a reality. 

Become a regular giver and receive a tax deduction

You can become one of the church’s regular givers by giving a fixed monthly amount of support to the church. In Denmark, it is possible to receive a tax deduction for your gifts to the church through two different tax schemes. All you need is a Danish CPR-number. 

  • Registered giver: Where you can receive tax deductions up to a certain limit (app. 18,000 DKK annually).
  • Giving Contract: Where you commit to give a fixed amount or percentage of your income.
Give a regular monthly amount

You can support the church with a financial gift in one of the following ways: 

  1. MobilePay:
    Give to number 70090 
  2. Bank transfer:
    Give to account  5475 0002011756 
  3. Debit card:
    Give with debit card here 

Leave a Legacy: Include the church in your will

It is possible to leave some or all of your estate through the creation of a will. We have entered into an agreement with the company Dokument 24. The agreement means that you can create your will for free when you choose to include the church in the will. You can decide how much of your estate you choose to donate, which the church will inherit. 

It is also possible to receive non-binding free advice on inheritance and wills from this company. 

You are welcome to contact us, if you wish to hear more information on financial giving

Tobias Christtreu

Head of Finance

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