31. Jan 2019

It’s for kids!

In connection with a reconstruction, the play-room is closed

The playground, in connection with our Pop Up Community Café, has for a long time been in need of an upgrade. Now, with the finances from “lokalforeningspuljen” at DUF, we have succeeded in getting the funds for the necessary rebuilding and upgrading.
This means that in the future it will be possible to look into the playground through large window sections, fall-proof flooring, better lighting and the play frame will be reviewed and tightened in relation to safety and aesthetics.
We look forward to re-opening the doors to the children's favorite spot - the playroom - now in a new and improved version.
 At the same time, we remind all parents that children only have access to the play room under the parent’s supervision.
 We welcome all families with children to the Pop Up Community Café and new playroom.

Unfortunately due to sickness and delayed delivery on new net for the walls, the playground is closed until Sunday, March 31st.