30. Jun 2018

Summer in the Church - Room for All

Starting on July 15th, we begin a new series that many will be familiar with: “Room for All!” This year, it is a huge imperative for our vision as a church that we seek diversity and include people all around us. We look forward to dive deep into the Bible and find out what Jesus and the early church had to say about these things. 
Just like last year, we’ll have a special focus on building community over the entire summer. This will be realized in that all attendees will be invited to an easy serving after the 10:30am and 1:30pm services. 
Due to the many construction and renovation projects that are taking place over the summer, it will take place on the first floor in the volunteer area (use entrance 15)

No Live Stream in July
Due to the holiday plans for our super awesome “Stream-Team,” there will not be a live stream of our services during the month of July. Instead, KKR will broadcast recorded sermons from earlier in the year. If you are on vacation yourself and want to listen to any of our recorded sermons, you can find them on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kirkenikulturcenteret/app/328004553917475/