30. Jun 2018

The start of a new, exciting chapter in Copenhagen Media Facilities

Through these recent years, CMFs (Copenhagen Media Facilities) focus, apart from KKR, has been to create a basis for a further media mission through commercial productions.
Henrik Jønsby has, after spending  a long time considering CMF’s future, decided to step away from his position as the leader of CMF. Henrik has served faithfully with a heart for media and mission for nearly twenty years, first under the leadership of Tore Pansel, then on his own for the last six years. A big thanks to Henrik for so many years of service. We wish him God’s blessing for his future ventures. 

When Henrik Jønsby took over the role of leader in CMF, Tore Pensel continued as the media missionary with the responsibility for the fundraising and coordination of the church’s media focus in regards to our partners in Turkey and elsewhere. Over the last year, Tore expressed a increasing desire to wind down his role with the aim to completely step away and start on a well-deserved retirement. CMF supports mission and Christian media in Denmark, so in that way CMF will get back to its roots.
The next year will be a test of the new vision for CMF, with a staff that is completely dedicated to media production and missionary television.

The board has elected Martin Tangstad as the new CEO for the new CMF. He brings years of experience within the business world, and serves faithfully in the church with his wife and children. For Martin, it is the mission of CMF that draws him in. We believe that he can, with his competencies and heart, be a strong leader for CMF and a good partner for Tore. In a time of many changes, God has shown himself to be faithful. In the midst of a short transition period, Nick Hansen, one of the church’s pastors, will function as the interim CEO. A big thanks goes out to Nick for stepping in when we needed him. The future board of directors will be composed of Carsten Andersen, Bjarne Hansen, Tore Pansel, and Jarle Tangstad. The first two will have a primary focus on Denmark and the second two will focus on CMF International.