29. May 2020


Have you also counted the days until we can see you again? On Sunday, May 31, at 11am, we open the doors to the physical church. It's going to take place in the basement, where we usually have a pop-up community café. We are in full swing with thorough cleaning, chair setup, stage, lights and more, so we are ready to welcome you on Sunday.

It is important to arrive early on Sunday. There are clear guidelines from the Ministry of Church Denmark when it comes to social distancing and the number of people who are allowed in the different facilities. We will, of course, respect that. This means that there are limited seats in the basement. That is why we have arranged overflow rooms in other parts of the building so that no one is rejected at the door! It will feel different than we are used to and the service team will ensure that we are all guided carefully through. But it will feel like coming home as we worship together again.

We continue with live streaming so that anyone who cannot be physically present can join the service online. If you are sick and have symptoms of respiratory infection, then we kindly ask you to stay home. The same applies to those of us who are in a particular risk groups when it comes to Covid19. If in doubt - see more HERE FROM DANISH HEALTH AUTHORITY.