29. Jul 2021

Inauguration and info about August

Mark the calendar for August 15th! This Sunday we look forward to welcoming Eric and Erika Andersson to the church as the new Lead Pastor couple On Sunday 15 August during our 10:30am service we will be inaugurating them. It will be a day of celebration marking a whole new chapter in the history of this church. We have an interview with Eric and Erika, which tells more about who they are and what is close to their hearts. If you want to see or re-watch the interview with Eric and Erika, find it here.

The inauguration will also bring to an end, the Generational Change process that started in May 2020. After Jarle and Merete Tangstad's ending after 30 years of ministry as Senior Pastor couple Jarle will participate in the inauguration on August 15th. The whole congregation is invited for free cake and coffee in Café Kant after the service, so that together we can celebrate the start of this new season.