27. Aug 2020

Finally the Culture Hall is ready!

It's been over 5 months since we were in the Culture Hall last. But on Sunday August 30th, it is finally ready to be used again. Look forward to a festive service where we, among other things, will celebrate Free Church confirmation!
All inventory has been cleaned and sanitized. Equipment has been repaired and installed; and this week, everything is being tested and prepared for Sunday.
"We have been grateful to be in the basement whilst the reparation of the Culture Hall was going on, but it will be nice to get up in the fresh air again," says Marianne Riis.

We follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Church Affairs.
We still need overflow rooms, as the hall can accommodate a maximum of approx. 275 seated people in order to comply with the guidelines of the Ministry of Church Affairs.One of these overflow rooms (Yellow and Green hall) is especially intended for people who are at high risk in relation to Covid19.
There will be no singing in the room, and there will be a maximum of 45 people to secure good distance from each other. Yellow and Green Hall is close to Entrance 15, so it is easy and simple to walk to and from the room without having to move through waves of people on the way.

Livestream on Facebook continues.
In the future, all services will also be livestreamed on both KKR and Facebook, so we meet the needs of different people in the congregation.
KASTJ Kids Church is back with a full program for children of all ages. So please feel free to come with the whole family on Sundays.