24. Sep 2020

Church meeting

Important information! The Church meeting today has been moved forward to 12.25pm.

Yesterday, the YMCA scouts' annual meeting was closed by the police due to a precautionary principle in relation to the Corona pandemic.
The reason was to avoid to many people moving around between each other, and… “that participants essentially sit down in fixed seats facing a stage, cinema screen, track or the like” You can read more here:(https: //www.retsinformation. dk / eli / lta / 2020/1393)
That means that we unfortunately have to cancel the planned communal meal in the Community Café today between the service and the Church meeting.
Instead, the church meeting is moved forward to 12.25pm, so that it starts directly after the Sunday Service.



Dear congregation,
On Sunday we have a Church meeting about the coming generational change. Here, the Church board will lay out a roadmap for the generational change for Kirken i Kulturcentere. There will be an opportunity to gain perspective, ask questions and most importantly, stand together as a congregation in prayer for God's guidance & blessing of the process. For us, together as a church, we need God's guidance and blessing over the generational change, so that we can see even more waves of people who are experiencing life transformation and together we can grow in life and ministry.

The congregation meeting takes place September the 27th at 1.30pm in the Culture Hall on Drejervej.
It will also be possible to participate via Zoom through the following link:

The celebration of Jarle & Merete's 30 years as a Senior Pastor couple has - due to Covid19 restrictions - been postponed to 8.11.2020. Note the day and rejoice!