24. Aug 2021

Free-Church Confirmation 2021/22

For everyone in 7th and 8th grade and their parents: On Wednesday the 13th of October at 17.00, this year's Free-Church confirmation course starts with a meeting for parents. At this meeting, the leaders will introduce themselves to the parents, and make sure that the parents get information about what the Free-Church Confirmation is about. Among other things, we talk about the content of the teaching, the schedule and the Celebration Sunday which will be held at some point in May 2022. The teaching course will extend over 20 classes, with the first class being on the 27th of October at 16.30. The teaching deals with everything from the bible to prayer; from sin to forgiveness; and from a relationship with Jesus, to a relationship with the outside world and each other. There will be space for the teenagers to ask both easy and difficult questions to the leaders. These are leaders who like to share their lives and experiences. They are passionate about helping the teenagers with their life journeys and with their faith in Jesus.

To register for Free-church Confirmation-please email one of the following: