18. Nov 2019

Personal Conversation 10 years anniversary

The ministry of personal conversations in Kirken i Kulturcenteret has existed for 10 years and will be marked on Sunday November 24th. Meet us in the foyer or have a look at our conversation room after the service this Sunday. We would love to meet with you and chat. 



About “personal conversation”:


  • Open for everyone
  • We listen with empathy and reflect with you on your situation in life
  • Free of charge and underlaid confidentiality
  • You can have a single conversation or a series of up to 5 sessions
  • Conversations take place in the church, usually on Wednesday evenings

Facts about us:

  • We have conversations every week
  • All workers are volunteers
  • We two volunteers in every conversation to help everyone sufficiently
  • Volunteers have different educations. They regularly receive training and supervision
  • Volunteers are chosen because they are people, we would share our own life situation with
  • The group is led by Vibeke Frederiksen, aut. Psychologist and specialist in psychotherapy

Info / booking via mail: personligsamtale@kulturcenter.dk or via the reception tlf. 35 31 00 10