18. Jun 2021

Staff news

Spring 2021 has brought many changes in the leadership of the church. This has also affected the wider church staff, where we are saying goodbye to several highly valued employees. We will miss each person and we know that each of them have been served with passion and great commitment, driven by their love for the church and the call that God has put on their hearts! Our wish is to send everyone onwards well; we did this already on Sunday the 13th and will do it already again this Sunday, June 20th, where we will say a proper thank you to all of them and bless their next chapter. 

 Stephanie Lund: 
Stephanie started In the fall of 2016 as responsible for the services and part of the pastoral team. Since then, Stephanie has also been involved in the network team. In the last period, it has been a burning passion for children with special needs who has had Stephanie's attention. An area that Stephanie hasn't even finished exploring.  

Birgitte Feldborg:
Two years ago, Birgitte joined the network team with a special focus on mentoring leaders. Birgittehas created great trust amongst the life group leaders. Over the past two years, Birgitte has been the initiator of the family groups, Women's Encounter and the Men's Day. Birgitte has always had a passion for life groups and to see people grow in life and ministry.  

During the last 15 years Anegrete has faithfully taken care of the reception. With countless numbers of conversations, bookings and conferences. Anegrete has always been interested in people and been ready to meet people with a smile. We are incredibly grateful for Anegrete's heart and her big commitment to the church throughout the years.  

Nick Hansen:
Nick has been employed as a pastor for four years.  During this period, Nick has been engaged with a lot of things. From production in CMF to leading the church's pastoral team. Nick has always thought in a holistic approach and over the years he has shown a heart for people and the Word. As of August 1st, Nick will start as the leader of the Danish department of The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.   

Brian, Christa and Tori Isidore:
The Isidore family came to the church 4 years ago to fully engage in service to the church and Denmark. Brian and Christa have made a huge impact in both Dinner is for Friends, Daily Devotions and notto mention the Community Café team. Always having an eye and heart for people. Now they’ve left to go to the U.S. on a well-deserved leave and to further fundraise. We look forward to seeing what the next chapter of their ministry will hold.  

Daniel Ringsmose:
Daniel was employed as a youth pastor in the church in 2007. Since then, Daniel has served as head of the services and most recently as head of Café Kant. Whether Daniel was about to preachto a group of young people or preparing a meal, it has been with dedication and a call to make a difference.  

Benjamin Uhrenholdt:
Benjamin has been part of this church for years and has for a period of time served on the church board. For the past several years, Benjamin has been responsible for communication in the church. Benjamin is a very well-liked employee and has a distinct sense of quality and is service minded. Hans kone Christina Uhrenholdt has said yes to a call as the children's pastor in Aalborg Citykirke. Therefore, the whole family moves to Jutland. We pray for God's richest blessing on their family and future.