17. Sep 2021

"I'm in anticipation and can't help it”

After 8 successful years as a leader at 'Lygten Skole og Børnehave' (Lygten school and kindergarten) Malene Funch Sørensen has decided to resign and instead dedicate herself fulltime as a leader for Children’s Church in 'Kirken i Kulturcenteret'.

“It has been a big decision for me to stop as Head principal at Lygten because I truly love the school and its wonderful and skilled team. But I do see a great need and have a passion for the work with children and families to be prioritized and strengthened in our church” says Malene Funch Sørensen and continues: “Since before we talked about it, thoughts about a new vision for our Children's Church began to grow inside of me. I tried to cast it aside and kind of apologized to God, because it was not my task. When people from the church later asked me if I would be interested in getting involved in Children's Church, all my thoughts came back and suddenly it all made sense”, she says with a smile.

Experienced and competent leader
In Malene Funch Sørensen the church gets an experienced and competent leader. Malene is educated school teacher, has a diploma in leadership and a half completed Master of Educational Leadership. Before Lygten Skole she had 16 years of experience at Lucas Skolen in Vejle - the first 8 as a teacher and then as a vice principal. Due to the fact that Malene already had full employment at the school, she started as volunteer leader for 10 hours per week. Then some new possibilities at the school came along and that gave her the courage to take the big step into becoming a full time leader in Children's Church.

“God has everything under control. He has made everything ready for the school to get on in a good way which has been the most important thing for me”.

Julie Gjesing has been Vice principal for the past 8 years and she will now be Head Principal and will, together with the existing leader team, make sure that Lygten Skole develops in the right direction.

Want to gather Children and parents
The vision in Malenes heart is about making a holistic relation to children and parents' interaction with God. “Children should not have the experience of Jesus being in one place and the parents in another - families must be together to give them the same language, same experience and reflection of what God speaks to us. So we must make it possible for the families to get a joint experience at church, and give them the foundation of using it in everyday life at home” , says Malene Funch Sørensen.

Malene is working closely with leading pastor Eric Andersson and a group of volunteers to decide how to do that in practice. “We are going to do things in a new way in the future and release all volunteer children's workers, who in the past have been working hard to make the children feel safe because their parents weren't there with them, and that is an impossible task. I know that from Kindergarten, where we spend weeks making relations between an adult and a child” Malene Funch Sørensen says with confidence.

Even though Malene Funch Sørensen soon leaves Lygten Skole, the vision about a strong partnership between church and school continues - now even with new forces. 

Malene Funch Sørensen came to Copenhagen 8 years ago to become leader at Lygten Skole. She is married to Henrik and together they have a son Magnus(19) and foster daughter Jasmin(14). Throughout all the years the Sørensen family has been volunteering in the church in services, family work, life groups and 'Dinner is for Friends'.