17. Aug 2021


The most famous verse in the Bible is found in the little Bible in John 3:16: "For God so loved the WORLD, that he gave his one and only Son".
It cannot be clearer than that: Jesus came to the whole world. He came to all kinds of people. To the successful, the vulnerable, the rich and the poor. Neither status, ethnicity nor background mattered to Jesus. Over the next three Sundays, Eric will take us to Acts 16 and to the city of Philippi - a city reminiscent of Copenhagen in many ways. A city full of different people with different backgrounds and approaches to faith. We will take a closer look at three people who lived vastly different lives; but had in common that they each encountered Jesus in their own way:

- A successful businesswoman named Lydia.

- A young teenage girl with a supernatural ability to predict the future.

- A retired soldier who earned a little extra as a guard in the local prison. 

These three people are not just examples of God loving and reaching out to people in Philippi two thousand years ago - they are examples of God loving and reaching out to Copenhagen today!