14. Aug 2018

One Church

ONE CHURCH - A new era begins in the fall of 2018
On October 28, 2018, we look forward to merging all the church's various cultural and ethnic departments into one church.
This was published at the Church's Vision Day on May 27 this year. You can see Jarle presenting the vision and the announcement of ONE CHURCH on the following link.
This will be just as big a step for the church as when we moved on to Drejervej back in 1999. 
Below you can read more about what this means for the individual departments and for the expression that the church will have in the future
Copenhagen is a multiethnic metropolis, and as a church we wish to be relevant and reflect our city. Instead of having five different services that work separately with each target group; then we want true integration, where we appreciate the diversity and value that the individual cultures contain and add to the community. We want to be a culture where we stand together despite differences.
The idea was formed back in September 2017 by the pastoral team. After the idea was presented to the church councils and advisory boards. This article presents the now matured ideas.
In addition, we want to release some of the resources we currently use on a large and cumbersome structure. These resources should instead be used outside the service to reach out to people around us, so we can focus more on making Copenhagen a better place to live.
There will be both recognizable elements and new initiatives in connection with the new service form.

Creative Lab
Creative Lab is an offer for children where creativity becomes a bridge building for new friendships, and where children can learn new skills. Creative Lab will have several different tracks that children can participate in. The tracks will reflect a variety of artistic expressions from around the world - including song, choir and sport. KATSJ is looking forward to seeing a blast of creativity, friendship and fellowship when we open Creative Lab in the fall!

Children's Church KATSJ
The children's church continues to be a relevant offer divided by age. The children's church is in the process of implementing a new exciting teaching plan in collaboration with “Children and Faith”, which we will provide much more information about this in the fall. We are proud to have a great program for our youngest, who we have defined as the most important in our church!
In addition to a substantive upgrade, KATSJ is looking forward to taking on some brand-new facilities: Lygten kindergarten premises will form the framework for the nanogroup. We hope to se that the new playground in the yard will bring lots of kids to our yard.
Sunday tracks
It has been a desire for more in-depth teaching in the Bible. This we have the opportunity to offer with the new structure. Every Sunday morning there will be 45 minutes of teaching. The teaching takes place in several parallel tracks. It will be in Danish, English, Thai and Spanish. Individual classes are not translated into other languages. The teachers are different competent people from the church, we believe the Sunday tracks are an exciting initiative as there has been a great demand for this.

Pop up Foodcourt
Every Sunday in the basement there will be a foodcourt that the whole church can participate in. There will be food from different countries at reasonable prices, so everyone can join: Students, Families and grandparents. With the foodcourt we want a nice framework for community and socializing, so we together build an inclusive culture in relation to people from the house, guests and strangers. This is a place where we are curious about each other and invite people who we do not know to join around the table.

The service
The service will reflect that we are a Danish, international church. This will be expressed through the worship with representation of many cultures. When it comes to meeting and preaching we will see both known and new faces on stage; and the leading and preaching will be bilingual from  stage in Danish and English. At the same time, there will be simultaneous translation to Spanish and Thai in headset. This can be expanded to eight languages as new language groups arrive.
Life Groups
The life groups are absolutely essential to us as a church. Everyone is welcome in a life group. Here is the opportunity to make groups where languages and cultures are mixed; or to have specific language groups according to personal comfort. It is in the groups that we together develop in life and service.
Sunday structure from 28 October 2018
At 10.00 am the Bible classes will be open, where people choose the track that is relevant to them. The bible classes ends at 10.45 am. 
At the same time, Creative Lab starts for children and teens – here they can be creative in many area like dance, choir or something else. There will always be multiple tracks to choose from. The children go directly from Creative Lab to the children's church KATSJ
At 11.00 am the worship service starts in the main hall, meanwhile the children's church KATSJ starts at the adjacent rooms.
At 12.30 am the pop-up food court opens in the basement. Here there will opportunity for fellowship, hang outs and good food after the service - the focus will be on servicing the entire church family and building community together. At the same time, Café Kant is open with new renovated facilities, café Kant becomes a commercial café on a regular basis with other cafés in the area (https://goo.gl/sZrt9r)
Do you want to engage?
Are you as enthusiastic as us, or dare you just eager to build church community, then we need you!
In order to live the vision and become a relevant church for people around us, we need to stand together.
Perhaps there is one of the areas mentioned in this article, where you have a special interest or passion, then please write a mail to: Onechurch@kulturcenter.dk  and tell us what you are partially passionate about.

Do you have questions or comments?
We know that such a change raises many questions.
You have the opportunity to ask questions or comments to ONE CHURCH on this email onechurch@kulturcenter.dk We will as soon as possible have the corresponding responses from the relevant pastors and leaders. We believe that your questions may be relevant to more in the church, so do not stay back.