13. Jan 2018

New co-workers in Kirken i Kulturcenteret

Nick Hansen
We are excited to announce Nick Hansen as our new pastor who will oversee the integration and inclusion of guests and new members here in the church, on both the digital and in-house fronts. Nick’s goal is to help the church become more welcoming to new people and help us all demonstrate our church values of relevant service and involved fellowship to the best of our ability. “Being part of this fantastic team and continuing the development of the church’s great work is something I’m really looking forward to. I’m sure that my broad experiences will help lift the church up spiritually and organizationally, said Nick. 
Nick began working for KKR-TV and moved from Ålborg to København in the spring of 2017 with his wife and two children. They have been dedicated members of the church ever since. Now it’s time for him to increase his involvement.
Nick has diverse education and experience, including a Master’s in Social Science and time as a pastor at the Ålborg Menighedscenter.
We are confident that we’ve found the right person for the job with Nick and look forward to him getting started in his new role. 
Stephanie Lund
Stephanie Lund has been working as the services coordinator alongside Marianne Riis for just over a year. She demonstrated a huge leadership capacity in that area and showed that her heart was in the right place. For those reasons, it was decided at the end of 2017 that she should take on more authority for our services and become the Services Pastor. This means that Stephanie has the responsibility for the planning, development, and execution of our weekly services in partnership with the rest of the pastoral team. We are thankful that we have found a person of Stephanie’s talent for this position and see her as a gift from God.
Stephanie said: “I am so excited about our worship services! Each one gives us all a chance to set aside our worry and stress for a moment and experience Jesus as part of a diverse group. I am humbled and honored to serve as the Services Pastor and will continue to find creative and engaging ways to share the gospel and introduce Jesus to even more people.’
Stephanie moved to Denmark two years ago from Washington State in the United States with her husband, Lasse, and her two children. 
Both Nick and Stephanie will be presented and blessed at the services on February 4, 2018. 
Esther Rugholm
Esther Rugholm, Network Pastor at Kirken i Kulturcenteret, has been on sick leave with work-related stress since July of last year. She started work again with limited hours on November 1, 2017. It’s important to clarify that Esther is not back at work in her full capacity as our Network Pastor just yet. Thank you for your prayers for Esther. 
Any questions about Life Groups or Network can be sent to Annika Rugholm at annika.rugholm@kulturcenter.dk or Jojie Teruel på jojie.rochelle@kulturcenter.dk