12. Jan 2018

GO OUT! - on the streets

21 DAYS OF PRAYER – GO OUT on the street!

“The poorest person, is not the one without money or food on the table. The poorest person is the one who does not have anyone to pray for them”. 

Monday – Friday from 4.00 pm – 5.30 pm we will go out into the streets and pray. From 4.00 pm there will be teaching and introduction that will equip you to go out into the streets. The areas we will go into will be mapped, and we will go out two by two. You can also stay in the church and pray.
Our church is based in an exciting part of Copenhagen. It is rare that in during in any week our part of town, North West and Nørrebro without being mentioned in the media.

But did you know that God has had North West and Nørrebro on his mind for some time. Each and every person, woman, man, child and teenager. Each one is extremely valuable to God, and so it should be the same for us, irrespective of colour or religion.

We all use the same streets that we live on to get from one place to another. People you meet on the street are on their way to somewhere. This does not necessarily mean that people know which direction their lives are taking. You can therefore meet a lot of people who seem focused but without direction for their lives. Many people are lost.

During 21 days of prayer, you will have the opportunity to experience prayer, not just ‘lønkammer bøn’ or church prayer. Prayer can take place on the street, in the workplace, at school or the university. For the Christian, there is no need for a prayer mat, a kippah, a church room or a special atmosphere to pray.  
Just think about the times you have prayed for situations in public, and sure enough also for yourself or your family. It is both good and right. Try to consider, how you prayed in these situations? You did it may whilst you were cycling. You did it may be on the bus, the train, at work, whilst shopping, may be even on the toilet! The situation was serious and it needed your prayer, and you therefore chose do pray.
When you pray on the street God will use you to connect what you see with his will.
Jesus says: “Open your eyes, look out to the fields for they are ripe for harvest”. John 4.35.

You will see the needs of people and the challenges an area has, by meeting people and being in the same environment. So take a walk, open your eyes and be inspired to pray.

You can choose to think that what you see is pure coincidence or you can ask God: “Let my eyes see what you have a heart for, so that I can pray for your will to be done here on earth as it is done in heaven”. Let whatever you see, inspire you in your prayer. 

Whatever God shows you can be prayed for on your way, when you meet:
a school class on the train, the homeless, the romaer in and around Nørrebro, the muslim woman and her children, the family father on his way home with his children from the nursery, an elderly woman, the handicapped? 

It could be the first time in their life that someone prays for them. And no, we are not talking about the laying on of hands, but about prayers of blessing and prayers inspired by the Holy Spirit in the situation.

Jesus says to the disciples: “Open your eyes and see that the fields are ripe for harvest”. Even they were unable to see things that were before their very eyes, because they did not look at their surroundings with the eyes of Jesus