10. Nov 2020

Staff news

Staff news
In a time of many changes, it is natural that this is also reflected in the portfolios and responsibilities of the employees. Therefore, here is an update on this area.
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Stephanie Lund
Stephanie is a strong leader with many resources. She was born and raised in the USA and lives in Denmark for the fourth year with Lasse Lund and their two children. In recent years, she has worked with both the services and the life groups. Stephanie now has the opportunity to develop and build our new KATSJ+ program for children with special needs. Stephanie will be doing this in collaboration with Kezia Ervill, who also has a big heart for this area. You can hear more about Stephanie's passion and thoughts for the children in KATSJ+ here

Kate Olsen
Kate is from Australia and has been in Denmark since last Christmas. We are so grateful that she has received a missionary visa and will be working in the church as such. Kate is a gift to the church and we are grateful that such a passionate leader has found her way to us. Kate will be part of the network team and will be the team facilitator. The others in the network team are Birgitte Feldborg and Jojie Teruel. We believe that Kate can help lift the life groups to an even stronger level.

Amy Hill
Amy Hill is in a new season of life, which coincides with the closure of the Creative lab Academy. For the past 12 years, Amy has led teams in the church from the Creative Lab; KATSJ for large festive events and our commitment to Medborgerne. Amy is driven by her passion for investing in the local community. Amy has also been very active in the transition to Onechurch, as she is a strong advocate for the dynamics that arise when different generations, cultures and ethnicities meet. Amy is a highly valued employee who has left a large and important mark. Amy will continue to have her regular walk in the church as an active, committed member. We are incredibly grateful for Amy's service.

We know Peace as a well-liked pastor who has taken great responsibility for the Thai community as well as the intercession in church. For a long time, Peace has felt a calling to go home to Thailand to inspire and equip other young Thais to become missionaries. Peace has written a book in Thai on the subject, and finds that the timing to go home is now.  
Sunday, November 8, we said goodbye to Peace. Although Peace will be missed much and deeply; then it is with great respect and a desire to bless Peace that we say goodbye.