10. Jun 2021

Familiy camp - helping children make strong bonds for life


Written by Mette Schwartz 
Having amble time, closeness and community are a perfect match for getting to know each other better. This is precisely the intention of Katsj family camp from 20 - 22 August at Hvidekilde Camp Center. 

"We want to give children friends for life and at the same time have conversations with adults about life with faith in everyday life and give them spiritual tools that they can bring home." 
Those are the words from Hanne and Ruben Holmgreen Falk . They are the voluntary leader couple and co-initiators of the church's family groups under Katsj, and are now also responsible for organizing the Katsj family camp at Hvidekilde Camp Center on August 20th -22nd. 

We help the children rediscover each other 
"We need a good shaking together to find each other again after a corona shutdown where several children and families have not participated in Katsj activities," Ruben and Hanne add: "We want to help the children rediscover each other and the Katsj community so that they once again will feel at home and look forward to children's church together with their friends." According to Hanne and Ruben, passion for working with families with children grew especially during their time as the lead pastor couples in the Pentecostal church on Bornholm, where they were from 2005 and the following 10 years. They have four children of their own. Two of them are foster children. "We experienced a great need for community and building of relationships between families with children. Everything that could be celebrated was celebrated. Barbecue, Easter and New Year's Eve. We used every opportunity to gather people and eat together. It was all intervowen with conversations about faith which led to growth in the church," says Hanne.

Bonfires during corona shutdown 
During the corona shutdown, the family groups as part of Katsj have been gathered for bonfires at the nature center in Herstedhøje for family gatherings. Hanne and Ruben have collaborated with Anne Mette and Henrik Badsted, who are real outdoor people who love outdoor activities. They are co-initiators of the family groups under Katsj and are also responsible for the activities at Katsj family camp. 
"We have had some wonderful gatherings this winter around the fire pit in Herstedhøje, that was under a roof. But it was very cold sometimes, and we sat freezing by a big bonfire with the rain coming down outside. Sometimes we had to host two gatherings because og the gathering bans that had to be respected," Hanne said laughing and Ruben added: "We had to block the winde with tarpaulins. But it was so lovely, and people came cycling all the way from the center of Copenhagen." Hanne and Ruben are now looking forward to the families enjoying the summer heat and doing activities at the family camp. They themselves remember how, as children, they build special friendships with other childrens during the summer camps.