10. Apr 2019

Exciting news from KATSJ

After a long process of looking and praying for the very best new Children’s Pastor, the pieces have finally come together. And we proudly present Mathew Thompson: 

We are excited and thankful to welcome Signe and Matt Thompson with their four children to Kirken i Kulturcenteret. Matt will be coming on staff in the role of Children’s Pastor on May 1st 2019. As a church we want the very best for our children and we are looking forward to see Matt’s heart and skillset come into play in connection with the vision behind One church and with helping the children in KATSJ Children’s Church grow and thrive. 

We’ve experience Matt and an energetic and authentic person who meets people at eye level. He is curious to learn more about our church, the local area and the Danish language. 

Matt is an educated Lawyer, has run his own business, has worked as a youth pastor, and been a school’s chaplain at one of Melbourne’s largest private schools. 
Signe and Matt met in Kolding, Signe moved to Australia where they got engaged and ended up getting married in Brønderslev. They’ve lived in Australia for many years and now have 4 lovely children, Tobias, Felicity, Audrey and Emma.  

Please give the whole family a warm welcome. As a leadership we are full of gratitude. 

Update about Amy Hill

Amy Hill will continue as project leader for KATSJ Creative Lab, which has been recently invited into a new exciting collaboration with Dansk Ungdoms Fællesråd under the project ‘Alle Unge i  Fællesskabet’. Kirken i Kulturcenteret looks forward to seeing how KATSJ Creative Lab can become an even greater resource into the church and our local area allowing new friendships among children to grow and their creativity to flourish. 

Amy has been the Children´s Pastor since 2011 and will enter into a new role as the Leader of Volunteer Culture at Kirken i Kulturcenteret. Amy’s focus will be on creating and establishing a structure which can strengthen volunteerism and cultivate a strong common culture where people have the opportunity to discover their giftings, have the opportunity to grow and development and thrive as a volunteer.  

Update about Thomas Laugesen

Thomas Laugesen is taking on the overall responsibility and pastoral oversight of the generational group, 0-30’s. This has been a dream from the leadership, and we are excited to see how the focus across generations will become a blessing and create continuity for our children, teenagers and young adults. 

As a cross-generational and danish multi-cultural church, Kirken i Kulturcenteret wishes to invest into our youngest generations, who we believe play an extremely important part of our church, are full of potential, and can impact our city and nation. 

On behalf of the pastoral team, 

Jarle Tangstad