09. Feb 2019

Kirken i Kulturcenteret is launching new Teenage & Young Adult Ministry

The Church’s new Teenage and Young Adult Ministry called TRIBE has launched January 2019. TRIBE consists of three age groups, which means the content will be targeted each group.

The youngest age group is called BLAZE and it is welcoming teenagers in 5th - 8th grade. BLAZE meets every Wednesday from 6 p.m. - 8.00 p.m.. BLAZE is lead by Frederik Højgaard and the BLAZE team.

The middle age group called RADIANT is for everyone from 9th grade to 19 years old. RADIANT meets every other Friday on odd weeks and in Life groups throughout the week on the opposite weeks. RADIANT is lead by Elisabeth Kaas and the RADIANT team.

The third and oldest age group is called ACT and is aimed at young adult age 20+. ACT meets every other Friday on even weeks and in Life groups throughout the week on the opposite weeks. ACT is lead by the Young Adult Pastor, Thomas Laugesen, together with the ACT team.

The heart behind the three age groups is the same - we want to see waves of teenagers and young adults experience life transformation. We believe we can be part of seeing this come through by having three age groups in TRIBE. Previously there has been two age groups in the Youth and Young adult Ministry. These were known as PT 78, which was the Teenage Ministry for everyone in 6th - 9th grade and POX United, which was the Young Adult Ministry for everyone older than 9th grade.

We have seen a lot of fruit come out of these ministries and many people have been blessed over the past many years. We are grateful to everyone who over the years have invested into these two age groups.

The leadership team, however, saw a need to reconsider and change our existing age groups. The transition between the teenage and young adult ministry was difficult to make smooth. Since Copenhagen is a University city, the city is booming of young adults and many people choose to move here in their 20s. This means that the Young Adult Ministry in general has a higher number of young people in the 20+ age group in comparison to the remaining two age groups.

As a consequence of the old age groups we have seen that many young people finishing 9th grade often felt too young to attend the Young Adult Ministry, when the average age was 24 years old. For this reason we noticed that many young people leaving the Teenage Ministry would not attend the Young Adult Ministry before they were around 19-20 years of age. This is about four or five critical years, where people have not been connected to a bigger christian fellowship with people on their own age, which is not optimal.

This made it clear that change needed to happen to ensure that there was something relating to the older teenagers when they were too old to attend PT 78. Therefore this new age group division (cf. the beginning of the article). Now we have a specific age group (RADIANT) relevant to everyone ending secondary school and beginning high school. This also makes it possible for people to have a taste of RADIANT by the end of 8th grade before leaving for boarding school in grade 9 or 10, and there will be a safe environment to return to when arriving back in Copenhagen.

As a church we want through TRIBE to ensure that there are relevant programs and fellowship for both teenagers and young adults all throughout their youth. Therefore if you as a teenager or young adult have not come along to any of the three age groups then we invite you to join our next events. You can find all the information about when and where this is taking place on the different Facebook and Instagram groups.

If you are a parent or grandparent and know of some teenagers or young adults that you would like to invite then they are more than welcome to participate.


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Best regards,
The TRIBE Leadership Team,
Thomas Laugesen, Frederik Højgaard & Elisabeth Kaas