08. Jan 2021


In a time where we can not be together in real life, we want to highlight the things where we are able to have fellowship together as a church family.

Life groups
We have life groups where we gather online. A life group is a group of people that gather about once a week to talk about life and faith together. If you are not in a life group, we would highly recommend that you sign up for one and try out this community.
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Online service
We have online services where we together will worship Jesus around our homes. It begins 10:50AM with an online foyer and at 11:00AM the Sunday service starts - do leave a comment so we can greet you.
Link to service on Youtube

Link to service on Facebook


Online Community Café
Immediately after the Sunday church service, we invite everyone to participate in digital "church coffee" in our Online Community Café. At a time when we cannot be physically together, this is a great opportunity to meet with others from the church and talk about everything from the sermon to what else is happening in your life. Click the link to sit at a digital table with others from the church. There are tables for young people and there are tables in Danish, Spanish, English and Thai. The café is open for half an hour after the church service is over. Let’s have online fellowship together.

Online prayer
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you can start the day with a short devotion, prayer and fellowship with others from the church. We talk together, strengthen faith, break isolation and loneliness. The days start with a short devotional by a pastor and followed by prayer both general and individually.
Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8-8.30AM via this zoom link.

Every Wednesday we meet to pray together. We do this because we want to see God's will come true and for His grace, protection, goodness, and all of His blessings to fill the church — your presence makes a huge difference! The meeting itself will consist of prayer and worship, mostly with focus on prayer.
Every Wednesday at 7-8PM via this zoom link