07. Sep 2021


During the past week, all of our youth and young-adults ministries have started up again after the holidays and we love it! We are enjoying being together and having fellowship without restrictions. BLAZE (5th - 8th grade) had its start up last Wednesday, where 48 teenagers and leaders had a festive evening with burgers and a foam cannon. RADIANT (9th grade - 19 years old) meets every second Friday (in the odd weeks), and had its first gathering in Mimersparken with burgers and round ball. We really enjoyed the late summer heat and the fellowship with each other. ACT (20+) had its first youth worship service on a Sunday night, where we as young people started a new chapter. We look forward to repeating this success once a month (next time Sep 26th). All in all, we as teenagers and young adults, enjoy being up and running again, and we look forward to the new chapter that is ahead of us as a church.

If you or your child would like to hear more about what is happening, you are always welcome to contact Frederik and Elisabeth Kaas Højgaard, who are leaders of Tribe, at:
frederik.hoejgaard@kulturcenter.dk or 20655266
elisabeth.kaas@kulturcenter.dk or 28305622

Kind regards Frederik Kaas Højgaard