06. Jan 2019

Call me - service og prayer

Normally we start a new year in the church with a three-week prayer campaign. We will also do this this year - just in a slightly different way: This year, in the first months of the year, we will call everyone on our contact lists to offer:

1) First of all, the possibility of prayer. If you have a prayer topic that is important to you, then we would love to join you in prayer together  with the church leadership team. Your prayer topic will also be mentioned on the prayer meetings during the week.
2) We would like to provide a good service for everyone in the church. So everyone can get relevant information and also Christmas card, news mail etc. Therefore, we need to make sure that the information (address, e-mail, telephone) in our database is correct. At the same time, this is necessary to meet the new GDPR legislation *.

We call this focus for "Call me - service and prayer"
See the church's privacy policy here: https://www.kirkenikulturcenteret.dk/persondatapolitik

If you are unsure whether we have your contact information - then please fill out this form so that we can call you in January.