06. Aug 2020

Your participation in the Generational Change Process

On May 31st, Jarle Tangstad announced a generational change in the church leadership. 
In relation to this, the church congregation was encouraged to pray for the Church Board and the entire process. 

Every Wednesday at 6.30-8.00pm we have our "Worship 'n' watermelon" nights; a prayer meeting with worship and focused prayer for the congregation. There has been good attendance so far and great interest from the congregation to participate in prayer. We continue to meet every Wednesday - you are more than welcome to join.

Everyone who is interested are welcome to our Rooftop Dream nights during the month of August. These are evenings where we share in a good meal, enjoy the views over Copenhagen, and where we share our hearts and visions for the church's future.  You can sign up for attending an evening here