06. Aug 2020

Milestones - Series in August

On Sunday, August 9th, we will start a new series called "Milestones".
A milestone was previously used to indicate the direction and distance of the journey. If you got lost, you could orient yourself using the milestones.
In the same way, our spiritual milestones can be an important reminder of God's faithfulness and grace in our lives. Milestones that we then can return to when we need to be reminded of the direction of life.

Communion - August 9th at 11.00am.
Communion is an important part of church life as it reminds us of, and honors, Jesus' suffering and death on the cross, which was a crucial milestone in our relationship with God. If you follow along online, remember to prepare some bread and juice/wine at home, so you can participate in the communion.

Baptism - August 16th at 11.00am
Baptism is one of the most important events in the life of Christians. In the Bible, Jesus says that if you believe in Him, you must be baptized. Baptism is a personal decision, where one chooses to live a life with Jesus Christ as the center. But baptism is also a public milestone of one's faith to yourself, your relatives, and to the rest of the congregation.

Due to Corona restrictions, the actual baptism will take place at 1.15pm at Svanemøllen Strand in continuation of the service at Drejervej. The whole church is invited to the beach so that we can all attend the baptism together. Next week there will be a more detailed description of where and how the baptism will take place. You can sign up for baptisms here

Child Dedication - August 23 at 11.00am.  
When a new life begins, we celebrate it with a child dedication. This is where we bless the child and the parents as they grow together as a family, and in their relationships with God.  If your child is not yet dedicated, then you have the opportunity to sign up here 

Frikirkelig Konfirmation - August 30 at 11.00am.
Frikirkelig Konfirmation (Free Church confirmation) - we look forward to celebrating five young people and their faith journey after a year of special Bible teaching.