03. Feb 2019

Venezuela is on the agenda in week six!

Currently there are daily reports in the news about turmoil, political crisis and misery in Venezuela. In the midst of that, as a church we have the opportunity to make a difference.

President Nicolas Maduro has led Venezuela into the biggest crisis in the country's history. In record time, the country's currency has become a farce with the world's fastest growing inflation of 1,700,000%! Everything doubles in price every day. The minimum wage in Venezuela corresponds to just over six Danish kroner a month. It has left citizens across the country unable to buy enough food or get the most basic medical care. Thirty years ago Venezuela was South America's richest country with the world's largest oil reserves. It is, therefore, a prosperous nation with a larger middle class who is now in a completely desperate situation.

Fathers trying to get food for hungry children in the family are often captured and imprisoned without trial, and many are not released again. It is not unusual for 45 men to share a cell that is intended for four people. Crime in the capital is now the worst in South America.

Over the last few years, we have been involved in both mission and emergency aid in Venezuela. We collaborate with local churches in supplying an orphanage and food for prisoners.

Currently, our partners provide food for 600 people every day. Every Sunday, hundreds come to the church that we partner with to attend one of the many worship services and have a free meal. The church has hired two chefs and eight employees who cook these meals every day.

With today's situation in Venezuela, we will strengthen our church's commitment. At the same time, we have felt it is time to invite t the key leaders from Venezuela here to Denmark rather than sending a delegation to them. In that way, we can consult them and give them more resources to distribute through the local churches.

  • Friday, February 8th at 19:00: Prayer evening focusing on the situation in Venezuela
  • Sunday, February 10th at 11:00: The Venezuela team will participate in the Sunday service. We will take up an offering for their work in Venezuela.
  • Sunday, February 10th at 13:30: Information meeting on the situation in Venezuel and the Church's mission and charity work in Venezuela

Thank you for standing together as a congregation with our friends from Venezuela both in prayer and in practical help. Everyone is welcome!