03. Dec 2020


We have been eagerly anticipating sharing time with your children in this Christmas month, but a recent change in guidelines from the Ministry of Health means that children’s associations of our size are unable to gather before 2 January 2021.

It won’t replace being together, but we have prepared a little online content for you and your children to enjoy this month.
Firstly, each day, Henrik Badsted will spend 15 minutes reading the Christmas Mystery. It will premiere at 15.00 on our FB page, but is also available on demand.   
Watch julemysteriet here

Secondly, each Sunday, we premiere a new Christmas Calendar episode of ‘En fortælling’ at 11am. If you’re at church at that time, you can watch it later on! 
Watch "fortællingen here

We would love to keep improving our production of online content, and one of the ways you can help us with this is by considering having your child join Katsj as a member. Simply sms ‘UM’ to 1217 and you will be directed to the membership link of our umbrella organization ‘Ung Mosaik.’
Your 100kr membership before 31st December, will help release additional funding for us and support us as we continue developing Katsj in 2021.
Thank you for your consideration.
And Merry Christmas!