03. Apr 2020

Online fellowship in the Church

Denmark is closed down, but the strong community of people in Kirken I Kulturcenteret is not something you just shut down.
This strong community is staying in touch with each other across various communication channels; both through the good old phone line and the new social media and digital video platforms.
We have checked the pulse of the online church life from the youngest to the oldest… and you can read about it just below.


The Children's Church is online through Facebook, where kids can enjoy being together each Sunday with Pernille and Monica. Here the children can hear stories from the Bible, take part in competitions and lots of other fun activities that the children know from KATSJ Children's Church. In addition, KATSJ broadcasts live on Facebook on Wednesday, inviting the whole family to bingo with prizes. The online Children's Church has had over 500 views on Facebook and 35 families participated in bingo last Wednesday.

This effort has received a lot of positive feedback… "It's great that people are supportive of what we're doing, and we're proud of the kids inviting their friends along," Pernille says.
One of the great things about being online is that the children can send the link to their friends!  You can follow us on facebook.com/katsj.dk/



Teenagers in the church meet every Wednesday through an online platform called Discord.  They have a great time playing online board games (and other games) through a program called scribbi.io.  Blaze also broadcasts live on Instagram, where the leaders host fun activities - which is a great place for the teens to chat and comment along the way. 
The next upcoming opportunity is for Blaze to invite teens to Life Groups  through the online video platform called Zoom.

“Church teens are doing really well - living in a digital pocket, they are used to. That is why they are currently navigating their own home field, ”Frederik says, adding: However, we also contact them personally on the phone and send messages.
You can follow Blaze on instagram.com/blazekbh/ - in the profile description you will find the link to discord.


Radiant’s primary platform is Instagram.  This is where young people can join in on live devotions sharing a word from the Bible, and young people can chat and comment along the way.
Every other day Radiant hosts a check in video with a challenge for the day.

Life Groups are meeting on Zoom, sharing life, praying together and playing games.
Radiant's leaders also call out to the youngsters and send messages.
The feedback is that the young people are having a good time and enjoying extra time with the family. “Most people go to high school and have plenty to look after. Someone thinks that the teachers have given them just as much to do, and so they miss the physical community of Radiant” Says Elisabeth.


Act is meeting for a “Coffee Break” every Tuesday and Thursday at 3.30pm to 4pm through their preferred online digital platform called Zoom.  They also host an online hangout with fun quiz games; and every Monday they invite you to an online devotion.
“ACT life groups work really well, and we are also in touch with people on the phone and messages. It is very individual how people feel, but everyone is looking forward to getting out of isolation, ”Thomas says.

You can follow ACT on instagram.com/actkbh/ - in the profile description you will find the link to the Zoom meetings.

Aktive Seniorer

Asbjørn and Inger have made calls to over 150 active seniors, and some have received more than one call if they had need. Some seniors are making calls to others on their own initiative to help and encourage others.
Church youth have also announced that they are happy to help Active Seniors if food or medicine are needed.

Active Senior's have been visiting friends, delivering Easter flowers to the elderly, whom they usually visit with a small card from the church.
In the coming season, Active Seniors is planning on having their Wednesday lunch meeting on Zoom.


We gather for prayer in the church through the video platform Zoom. “We are very excited about the solution”, says Palle. In Zoom, you can divide into smaller groups. This means, among other things, that the English speakers can join together in one group and the Danish speakers in another.
“The prayer is still strong and heartfelt, even if it is online. People are excited about Zoom, where we can both see and hear each other as we pray. Families with children now also have the opportunity to join us on Mondays, where we have set the time later after the children are put to bed, ”says Palle.

You can join us for prayer at Zoom Monday from 8:30 pm to 2:30 pm, Thursday from 7 pm to 6 pm and Wednesday morning from 8 to 8:30 pm.