02. Oct 2020

New leadership team and leadership structure in Kirken i Kulturcenteret

Sunday 27th September 2020, became the official handover from Jarle Tangstad to a new leadership in Kirken i Kulturcenteret. 

In May 2020, Jarle Tangstad announced that he and Merete would step aside as the Senior Pastoral couple after 30 years of senior leadership, and as the chairman of the board.  

The Church wishes to express their gratitude to Jarle and Merete for decades of faithful service. The Church is looking forward to celebrating the couple’s 30th anniversary of leadership at a dedicated event on 8th November 2020. 

Since Jarle’s announcement, the church board in cooperation with the church’s advisory board has prepared the generational change. At the recent church meeting the new chairman of the church board, Bjarne Hansen, presented the new leadership team and a new organisational structure. For the church, a leadership team consisting of three people was presented: 

Marianne Riis, the current Executive Pastor 
Thomas Skov Laugesen, the current Pastor with responsibility for youth and young adults’ ministry 
Matthew Thompson the current Pastor with responsibility for children's ministry. 

Reflect the diversity of the church 
The church board got the inspiration for team leadership, among other things, from the church “Filadelfia” in Oslo, which had good experiences with a transition from a lead pastor to a leadership team, over the past decade. 
“We believe that it is good, healthy, biblical and current to distribute the management responsibilities and pressure on a team rather than on one person. The composition of the team offers different strengths so they can complement each other. We have experienced that these three have a passionate love for the church, a great commitment, strong character and faithful servant heart. In addition, the three reflect much of the diversity we have in the church across gender, age, nationality and life experience,” says Bjarne Hansen. 


The new team is looking forward to carrying the task. 
“We are humbled, grateful, and excited to accept the task as the new leadership team of Kirken i Kulturcenter. We look forward to standing together - both as a team and as a congregation - on the mission that God has given the church: to help people to believe in Jesus and develop together in life and ministry. Now, we look forward to working with the church's pastoral team, the extended leadership team and the congregation to continue the journey and help more people get to know Jesus, ”says Matthew Thompson. 

What happens next? 
The church board wants the new leadership, until the beginning of February, together with the church, to seek God and his heart for the future of the church. 


New leader of business 
At the same time, the church board presented a new organisational structure for Kirken i Kulturcenteret’s overall organisation. Previously, the senior pastor administered both church leadership, management of operations and the business areas. The church's new leadership team will focus on leading Kirken i Kulturcenteret. At the same time the church board wants a new leader for the church's operations & business areas, such as property rentals, conferences, events, media production, administration, etc. The church board has chosen Martin Tangstad as the new head of business. Martin is known as the skilled leader of Copenhagen Media Facility and Kanal Hayat, where the church board has seen strong results and a heart for the church. Martin will of course work closely with the new leadership team to create a good foundation for the future of the church. Martin will also continue as head of Kanal Hayat. 


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