Life track

The foundations of Faith

Dates: 12/1, 19/1, 26/1, 2/2, 23/2, 1/3,


1. Session:
What is the foundation of my faith?What is the foundation of the Christian faith? How do you build on this foundation?God’s word as an authority.
2. Session:
When we invited Jesus into our lives we became “born again”. What nourishment/spiritual food should I ingest for my faith to grow?
3. Session:
How do you conquer sin? Where do I find help to become a better person in word and deed?
4. Session:
It is written in the bible that we have POWER and AUTHORITY through the word of God. How can the word of God be an effective power and authority in my life?
5. Session:
God has given us numerus promises in His word. E.g. Promises of power of healing. How do I partake in these promises?
6. Session:
An encounter with Jesus transforms our lives. How do I move forward with sharing my faith with others?

Victor Villaruel (ES), Peace  Aiemsaart  (Thai), Nick Hansen (DK), Palle Birk Flyger (ENG)