KATSJ - Children's Church

Every Sunday at 11:00 there is children’s church for children ages 0-12. Children can experience an inclusive safe environment that builds a sense of community.  
KATSJ chiildren’s church has two main purposes: that children get to know God and get to know each other. In order for children of all ages to thrive, the children are split up into age groups. If you would like more info on KATSJ, you can visit KATSJ at www.katsj.dk or contact:

KATSJ Director and Children’s Pastor Matt Thompson- matt.thompson@kulturcenter.dk

baby room

Beyond children’s church there is a babyroom connected to the main hall for parent’s with hungry and tired children  (0-2 years old). You can watch the service from the baby room while following along with the service. Prams  can also be under supervision of the guards in the reception area if requested.



Pico is for children between 0-2. Pico meets each Sunday for a cozy morning with games, fun, songs and stories. A typical Sunday begins at 10:50 where parents  arrive with their children. After a bit of play and activities we gather the children around a table for a snacks, songs, and a story. Afterwards is play and activity time, and at 12:40 the children are picked up by their parents and wished a wonderful week. Pico meets in the Blue Room.



Nano is for ages 3-5. Each Sunday Nano gathers for activities, games, fun, a Bible story and a snack. A typical Sunday in Nano starts with registration of children at 10:50  where the children and their parents are registered. All the children get a number so that if a child is upset or another issue arises, parents can be contacted.  We start with fun activities and play, and generally start a little gathering at 11:15 where there are songs, exciting stories from the Bible which are always illustrated in a visual fun way. Afterwards we have time for some more creativity where the children often make a craft they can take home.

Afterwards we have fun activities reflecting the children’s age and development. The children are split into smaller groups so they can get to know each other better.  Then the children get a snack and parents pick up their children again at 12:40 along with a friendly farewell. Nano meets in the White Room and is led by Kezia Ervill and Melanie Kjelkvist.


GIGA - Grades 0-4

Giga is for our youngest school children- ages 6-9 and meets each Sunday for children’s church. A typical Sunday in Giga starts at 10:50 where parents arrive with their children and register them. Afterwards the children can experience a time for activities with creativity, music, competitions, and exciting Bible stories.

Afterwards we have fun activities reflecting the children’s age and development. The children are split into smaller groups so they can get to know each other better.  The program ends at 12:40 where parents pick up their children. Giga meets in the Red Room and is led by Pernille Grejsen.


PETA - Grade 5-6

Peta is for the big kids in the 5th-6th grade. Peta meets each Sunday with some volunteers for a variety of activities. Peta meets in the foyer by the Peta sign for registration at 11:00. Peta then has the option to go into the main hall to experience the worship music. Afterwards, Peta has time for fun, games, talk and snacks. Peta ends at 12.40. Peta is led by Pia Brock.

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