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We value a life of courageous generosity, where we invest in people and dare to venture in new directions. We will live for the enrichment and benefit of ourselves and others, and create space for risks and mistakes.  We want to extend ourselves by using our gifts and talents til benefit others, here and around the world. 
This applies to our financial resources, as well. 

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Kirken i Kulturcenteret is an economically independent organization. We receive no significant support from the outside. Instead, we are funded individually through gifts from many members of the church. As a community, we are proud to be self-financed because everyone through their contribution is part of the church. By supporting the congregation economically, we help to make our vision and work a reality.

All gifts received by the congregation, both single and fixed contributions, are voluntarily granted. 
We urge everyone to provide with joy and without compulsion. Giving is a natural part of a Christian lifestyle, and it is first and foremost a humble act. Therefore, all gifts are anonymous so that others do not know how much each individual gives. There is no need to give to be part of the church. But we hope you will help if you see Kirken i Kulturcenteret as your spiritual home.

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You can give through MobilePay on 70090. 

Bank TRansfer

You can also make a wire transfer via  Reg.  Account number: 5475 0002011756  (Nykredit Bank) 
If you would like a tax deduction for your gift, please contact the church administration:


In Denmark it is possible to receive tax deductions from gifts given to certain institutions, for example. churches. There are two schemes where tax deductions can be obtained: Through §8A gifts and through a declaration of commitment.

We would be happy to advise on the various deduction schemes and answer other questions.
If you want to hear more, feel free to fill out the following form or text "information" to 1245 and we will contact you.

§ 8A - Give freely, however, up to a certain amount
Through § 8A you can receive tax deductions for up to DKK 16,300 in the current year (2019). In order to obtain deductions pursuant to section 8a, we must use your name and cpr number. You can pay under section 8A via online banking, PBS or Mobile Pay, and your contribution will be registered in our accounting system. We report your payments to SKAT, which will automatically apply the amount of your tax return. All you have to remember is to give your cpr number to the church administration.

§12 STK. 3 - Obligation declaration
Through §12 pcs. 3 you have the opportunity to receive deductions for larger contributions to approved institutions. However, in order to receive a deduction, you must sign a commitment statement, which is a binding donor agreement over 10 years. One can either give a fixed amount or a percentage of its gross annual income. However, the deduction is limited to max. 15% of your gross income.

If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to contact our economy department at

DONATE Inheritance

It is possible to donate inheritance through the creation of a will. We have entered into an agreement with the company Document 24. The agreement means that you can create your will for free when you choose to write the church in the will. You decide for yourself how much inheritance you choose to donate. Start your will at Document 24.
It is also possible to get non-binding free advice on inheritance and wills from the company.

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