Sunday 02. Jun 11:00

Wilfredo Gomez visits Kirken i Kulturcenteret

On Sunday June 2nd we have the privilege of hosting Wilfredo Gomez at Kirken i Kulturcenteret!

Wilfredo is a former gangster and gang member from one of the most notorious gangs in the USA. He was jailed for his crimes and was eventually sent back to El Salvador, where after being engaged in local gangs was jailed again. He developed TB in jail and was dying when a Christian visited the prison and shared Christ with Wilfredo, and, offered to pray for him. Wilfredo was miraculously healed and his life took a turn away from his former gang life and into a life with Christ. He helped 1400 inmates find Jesus, and is now Pastoring a church as a free man- where he is helping change a city by giving hope to those stuck in sin and crime.

To find out more information about Wilfredo's life, please watch this mini documentary DR made on him:

See you on Sunday June 2nd at 11am!