Sunday 15. Dec 11:00

Sunday Service - Appreciation

THEME: "Appreciation": Teen Challange
Sunday the 15th of December
Services starts at 11.00

Our Service
Every Sunday at 11:00am in the Main Hall. We have our main service in Danish and English.

The service consists of a sermon, prayer, and musical worship. Thai and Spanish translations are available via headsets and a mobile app.

This Sunday, we want to especially appreciate Teen Challenge, a nonprofit organization that works on a common church basis and seeks collaboration with all congregations, churches and groups of evangelical Christians.

The association's activities are not aimed at recruiting members for new congregations, but are solely working to help the individual. It is therefore based on collaboration with pre-existing congregations and churches. In Copenhagen the Klippen contact center is affiliated with Teen Challange, where Klippen works with outreach work at street level as well as work in their venue, to help and motivate our target group to start a new life - a resocialized life with work, network and family.

Kirken i Kulturcenteret wants to appreciate Teen Challenge's work among some of the most vulnerable in Denmark, and its continuous priority to make a difference for people who have a hard time in life.