Welcome to Church Camp!

We are going to church camp on May 23-25, 2025 at Gulbrannagården in Sweden.

We look forward to 2 days with plenty of time for community. The program offers worship services, prayer and teaching, great food, seminars, hygge, program for children and teenagers, and fun activities in the beautiful Swedish nature with walking distance to the sea.

We live in cabins or in rooms with bunk beds, and in addition, it is possible to bring your own caravan or tent, as Gullbrannagården also has a campsite. If you are more into a room at a hotel, then we have made an advantageous agreement only 10 minutes drive from the camp.

Arrival and check-in from 15:00 on Friday 23 May 2025. From 17:30-19:30 the barbecue is lit – and hot dogs are served. More practical information such as packing list and program is sent by mail up to the start of the camp.

We look forward to church camp with you!

Discount for children, teenagers and young people

You can save money on your registration for a child between 4-11 years or a teenager / young person between 12-30 years.

Some age groups say “member”. This price applies to children, teens, and youth who are members of the Kids or Teen- and Youth Association. For children aged 4-11 years they can become members in the kids church Katsj and for teenagers / young adults aged 12-30 years, they can become members of TRIBE.

To become a member and thus get a cheaper price at the camp, you must join Katsj or TRIBE via this link.

A membership costs DKK 100 annually, and immediately triggers a discount on the camp price and gives our children’s, teenage and youth associations funds, which are used to make church for children and youth during the year. You fill in the link with your contact information. Under ‘City name’ choose ‘Copenhagen’, and under ‘Local association’ choose Katsj (4-11 years) or Tribe (12-30 years).

YOUNG / STUDENTS 17-25 YEARS: There is a special offer for young people between 17-25 years old or if you are a student under 30 years old. This is done outside the payment system below – use this link.


You have the opportunity to support with a wildcard, so more people have the opportunity to join the church camp. You can choose to support with DKK 200 or more.

Sleeping facilities

We spend the night in bunk beds, and unfortunately there is no possibility of single rooms at the camp itself, but it is possible to book a single room at the hotel. You share a room with your husband/wife and/or children, which is handled based on your registration. When registering a larger group/several households, we cannot guarantee that you will stay in the same room/building/house.

If you are alone at the camp, you will spend the night with up to 6 others of the same gender, and as far as possible within the same age group.

Some rooms have their own toilet or toilet and shower, while others have a toilet and/or shower in the hallway or in a nearby building. When we are going to 400-500 people to camp together, it is a big puzzle to find beds for everyone, and thus we can not say anything about where you will stay or whether you will have a toilet in the room or hallway before arrival on May 23, 2025, as there may be cancellations and changes right up to the start of camp. The room distribution will thus not be published. If you want to be sure to have your own toilet and/or shower or want to stay alone in a room, we refer to the hotel or booking your own house, e.g. via Airbnb, etc.


All prices include accommodation and meals except the day ticket, which only includes 1 day’s catering.

A day ticket is for you who, for example, want to participate in the camp on Saturday 24 May from morning to evening. If, on the other hand, you have booked your own holiday home or similar – and want catering at the camp from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, you must buy 2 day tickets per. person (equivalent to 2 days).

If you choose accommodation at a hotel via the registration below, meals at Gullbrannagården are included in the price. Breakfast will be enjoyed at the hotel, but other meals are taken at Gullbrannagården.

  • Single Room, 1 Person
  • Double Room, 2 People
  • Family Room, 4 People (2 adults and 2 children age 0-11 years)
  • Family Room- 4 People (2 Adults and 2 Children Age 12-17 years)