Wednesdays at 6:00pm - 8:00pm

BLAZE - Event

An evening with a special event, where we are sometimes out of the house for ice skating, trampoline land, laser game etc. It could also be an evening at Drejervej where we have a Roller Skate Night, Battlefield with paper balls, bingo, Ultimate Pizza Frisbee etc.

BLAZE is a community for teenagers. We meet on Wednesdays 6-8 pm. and Sundays 10.45-1 am. At Drejervej 17, 2400 København NV. Our Wednesdays take place in Azusa in Kirken i Kulturcenteret, which we are also a part of . BLAZE is part of TRIBE which is the church's teenage and young adults ministry that consists of three age groups: BLAZE (5th-8th grade), RADIANT (9th-19 y.o.) and ACT (20+).
BLAZE is a Christian teenage club, who believes in Jesus. It is not a demand that you must be a Christian to join us, we would love to spend time with you anyway. So if you are in 5th-8th grade you should feel more than welcome, and then it is free of charge to attend BLAZE.
The leaders in BLAZE work voluntarily and that says quite a lot about how big of a passion they have for being together with teenagers.