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The Kirken i Kulturcenteret’s personal data policy describes how the Kirken i Kulturcenteret uses the personal data, that you have given to us and permission to use.


At Kirken i Kulturcenteret we respect your private life and handle personal data in accordance with General Data Protection law. Kirken i Kulturcenteret complies with the Personal Data law regulations for the handling of personal data. In accordance with the Personal Data law, your personal information will be stored securely and confidentially. This is Kirken i Kulturcenteret’s responsibility. We ensure therefore that the registered data, including your personal data, is handled with due care and will be kept secure in accordance with valid and appropriate security procedures


We collect the following types of data about you in your capacity as:
Member, Volunteer, Beneficiary of Christmas aid, Participator/attendee in Kirken i Kulturcenteret’s activities, Financial contributor, Employee.

We collect and store your personal data for specific purposes. We collect:
- Name
- Address
- Date of birth
- Date of marriage
- Date of baptism
- Telephone number
- E-mail address
- Gender
- Age
- Family connections in the Church
- Interests and knowledge of our activities
The information that we collect and store is to manage the relationship with Kirken i Kulturcenteret that you have consented to.

Financial contributors
For financial contributors that have expressed a wish to receive tax benefit for their contributions, we record also the CPR registration number to enable our reporting to the Danish tax authority, SKAT.    

CPR registration number
We register your CPR registration number to enable the lawful reporting to the Danish tax authority, SKAT, and bank account details.

The above mentioned data is collected about you to enable us to provide good service and ensure quality in our contact with you.

We manage only relevant and necessary personal data
We collect, manage and store only personal data, that is necessary to fulfill our purpose. In addition, there can be legal requirements that specify which type of data is necessary to collate and store to allow the operation of the organization – the church – this is applicable for e.g. church membership. The type and extent of the personal data, we manage can also be necessary to fulfill a contractual or legal obligation – this is applicable for e.g. financial undertakings and employment contracts.  
The sole reason for collecting data is it’s purpose in relation to our carrying out our activities that is relevant for us. The same is applicable for the personal data that we use. We do not collect nor use more data than is necessary for the specific purpose.

We quality check and update your personal data
We check that the personal data we have about you are free from error and omission. We will also seek to update your personal data regularly.
As our service is dependent upon your data being correct and up to date, we ask you to inform us about relevant changes in your data. You can use the contact information below to inform us of your changes.
We will delete your personal data when they are no longer necessary for the purpose that we collected, managed and stored your personal data for.

We do not give your personal data to third parties without your consent.
If we pass your personal data on to other interested parties, we will first ask for your consent and inform you about what your data will be used for. You can at any time withdraw your consent to this form of sharing of your personal data.
We will not ask for your consent where we are legally required to disclose your personal data, e.g. in connection with reporting to a State authority.


We have internal guidelines for the security of personal data, which includes instructions and procedures to protect your information from unauthorised persons, illegal use, unintentional loss, destruction and harm. 
Personal data that is electronically recorded is stored on a secure server or in secure files.
Our security procedures are regularly tested as a measure to check that the personal information we have stored is used appropriately and in accordance with your rights as user.


This website can also include links to other websites or can show options to social media, that make it possible to access web content directly on another social media platform e.g Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
We do not operate or administrate social media websites and have no responsibility or their content, unless it is published by or approved by us. We are also not responsible for cookies that originate from these websites.
The use of such options or links to social media is your own responsibility, and you should verify the authenticity of such websites, before you publish or disclose your personal data on them.

We do ask for access codes or personal information on social media
Websites such as Vimeo and YouTube are used to integrate videos on Kirken i Kulturcenteret’s website and service suppliers such as MailChimp and Google Analytics can send their own cookies via this website. Please read the cookie and personal access policies for these third party websites, if you would like more information about this.
This website (Kirken i Kulturcenteret) can also include sponsored links and advertisements. These are typically for relevant and associated partnerships and services, which can have their own specific private data policies and guidelines.


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All documents or files are available for downloading via our website at your own responsibility.


Kirken i Kulturcenteret is responsible for the management of your personal data.
Kirken i Kulturcenteret
Drejervej 13 – 21
2400 København NV
+45 35 31 00 10


You have, in accordance with the General Data Protection law, the right to be informed about which personal information, is registered about you. In the event that the information or data about you are incorrect or contain serious omission, you have the right to demand they are amended, deleted or blocked. You can contact us and be informed of the data we have on you and ask for them to be amended or deleted.

If you require access to the information that we have registered about you at Kirken i Kulturcenteret, you can contact us at: e-mail: telephone:   +45 35 31 00 10
If inaccurate data is registered, or you have another enquiry, you can use the same contact information. You have the opportunity to gain insight into the information we have registered about you, which you can do by in accordance to the regulations of the General Data Protection law. You have the right to lodge a complaint about the use of information and data concerning you. Complaints can be sent to Datatilsynet, in accordance with the General Data Protection law §58, stk. 1.


The continual development of the internet means that changes to our management of personal data can be necessary. We therefore reserve the right to update and change this described policy for the management of personal information. Should this occur, we will change the ‘last updated’ date at the bottom of the page. In the event of major changes to the policy, we will inform you via a visible message on our websites. We reserve the right to amend or change the policy at any time and all amendments and changes will be shown on this page.
Latest update: 14.05.2019