An inclusive and meaningful community for young people (ages 16-30) in copenhagen.

POXUnited Live

POXUnited Live consists of three elements: Food, Worship Service, and Cafe Time. Join us and experience fellowship with God and your peers. 

6:30pm - The cafe opens and serves a delicious dinner — at a price students can afford.

7:30pm - The worship service begins. We structure the service to take place in exactly the way that young people prefer it — with lots of cool music and worship that expresses our thoughts and prayers to God. At the same time, the service provides an overwhelming amount of inspiration, that we deliver through powerful preaching and videos. 

After the service, we open up the cafe again and set up a cozy atmosphere with live music or a DJ. You can also purchase warm and cold drinks, as well as some delicious snacks like cake and nachos.

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POX on Sunday

Every Sunday, we gather together after the service in the Main Hall to eat some food and hang out together. Depending on the time of year, we'll either stay in the church or head out into the city. Sometimes, we'll go to a nearby park or hit the beach. We always try to keep our event and food costs at a student-friendly level. 

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Life Groups

We love spending time together in small groups, which meet on a weekly basis. Our life groups are most often hosted by someone from within each group, so don't hesitate to open up your home and invite some people in for coffee, prayer, and a good discussion about faith and life. Our life groups are open communities, so you know you'll always be welcome to join.

POX Volunteer 

In addition to our life groups, live services, church on Sunday, and our social activites, we also offer the opportunity for you to get involved by using your gifts and talents in POX after church. Maybe you're really good at small talk, gifted at playing music, exceptionally creative, well structured, a great party organizer, a natural leader, or something else exciting — everyone is welcome to use their skills as part of our volunteer team.

For example, we have our Welcome Team, who greet both new people and longtime member every Sunday before and after the church service. We also have our Cafe Team, who setup the cafe and serve coffee and snacks during POXUnited Live. Our Operations Team sets up the room, decorates, and then tears down afterward. Our Social Team is responsible for all of our parties and events, while making sure we have food on Sundays and planning spontaneous things. Finally, our Worship Team leads us into worship with music on Sundays and Fridays. 

There are so many opportunities to jump in and participate, even beyond helping here in POX. Maybe you have a passion for working with small kids, teenagers, or hurting people all throughout Copenhagen. Or maybe you want to work with refugees, our church's Women's Cafe, or the Community Kitchen. All you have to do is say so and we'll find a way to get you involved! 

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