Personal Conversation

Conversations in Kirken i Kulturcenteret

We offer conversations to everyone - both church members and non-members - who want to discuss their life situation or share something in a secure and private setting. 

Conversations are free and take place in Kirken i Kulturcenteret. You can ask for a single conversation or a series of conversations (up to 5 maximum), each for an hour. All of our workers are under a privacy agreement and receive ongoing training and supervision. 

Couples Conversations

The Conversation Team also offers conversations for couples. Just write to us that you are a couple that wants to have a talk with us. 

Send an email with your name(s) and a telephone number to 

We go through our inbox every Monday and then follow up with all of the requests. If you don't have access to email, feel free to contact our receptionist at 35 31 00 10 and they will send an email on your behalf. 

Psychological Conversation

If you need psychological help and want to meet with a psychologist who has a Christian worldview, you can contact Vibeke Frederiksen. Vibeke is an authorized psychologist and participates in Kirken i Kulturcenteret as the leader of the Conversation Team. Psychological Conversations require a payment in accordance with normal psychological rates. Regular group sessions around stress, anger, and depression are offered at a reduced rate. You can see more at

If you have additional questions, please contact Vibeke at or 60 56 48 89