Personal Conversation

Conversations. -No one should be let alone in what is difficult.

We offer personal conversations that are open to everyone. In Copenhagen NV. We listen and reflect with you on what is happening in your life, to help you find your way.

You can get:

— A single or a series of up to 5 free sessions

— With professional secrecy

— In Danish, English, or Russian language

— We are always two coworkers for all conversations to help everyone in the best possible way.

Contact us by sending your name and phone number to:

Mails are read every week, and we will reply to offer you a free timeslot.
If you do not have access to mail, you can contact the reception on tel. 35310010, and ask the reception to E-mail us your contact information.

All coworkers are trained through teaching and supervision by authorized psychologist & specialist in psychotherapy, Vibeke Frederiksen.