Life Groups

Discover and mature in your faith through a Life Group

As people, we need each other if we want to live a full life. Remaining alone limits our life and faith, making us empty. Therefore, everyone is invited to become a member of a Life Group. 

A Life Group is 5-10 men or women, who meet every week. They share a cup of coffee, talk about life, and hear from God's Word together. They share faith and doubt, happiness and pain, and create space for God to speak into their lives. 

Within just 6 months of being in a life group, you can grow more in your faith than you would in 10 years by yourself. 

Life Groups are typically split up by gender, because, in our experience, it creates the best environment for open and honest conversation. Life Groups can be found throughout Copenhagen on almost every day of the week. They are for everyone, whether you've been a Christian for years or just become one recently. 

You can sign up to join a Life Group by using this: contact form. Or you can always write to us at or call 3531 0010.