Friends and family

Friends and Family is a family network in Copenhagen's Northwest area, for adults and children who need a haven in everyday life with inspiration, support and help to meet everyday challenges and problems. Friends and Family is a safe place with room for everyone.

At the Family Network, Friends and Family, you will find:

- free activities for children, young people and adults
- inspiration for practical everyday life and family life
- warm fellow people and a place to form networks
- community, enjoyment and communion
- like-minded and someone to talk to
- Personal advice, for those who wish
- Economic and social advice, for those who wish
- singing and devotional words  for those who want it.

The family network meets every second Wednesday at 4:00pm to 6:30pm  weeks in the Kirken i Kulturcenteret
Drejervej 13-21,
2400 Copenhagen NW

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You can help support Friends and Family and their work by supporting financially with a fixed monthly contribution.
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