BLAZE is a community for teenagers in 5th-8th grade. We meet on Wednesdays 6-8 pm. and Sundays for service at 10.30 am. We are in the basement "Azusa" on Drejervej 17, 2400 Copenhagen NV. BLAZE is part of TRIBE, which is the church's teenage and young adult’s ministry, which consists of age groups: BLAZE (5th-8th grade), RADIANT (9th grade – 19 years old) and ACT (20+).

BLAZE Wednesday
When we meet on Wednesday, BLAZE works as a teenage club with a lot of variety on the program. We have divided our evenings into three categories, so you can more easily get an overview of when the different things happen, and so you know what you are going to and inviting to.

An evening that is marked by a special event, and where we are sometimes out of the house to, for example, skate, take in trampoline land, laser game and much more. It could also be an evening at church where we have Roller Skate Night, Battlefield with paper balls, bingo, Ultimate Pizza Frisbee, and the like.

BLAZE Hangout
Here there is plenty of opportunity for good fellowship, good talks, games, table football, table tennis, candy, fun and much more. In addition, we have life groups every other time, where you are divided into regular boys 'and girls' groups according to grade level, where we talk about life and faith. We start by eating together for DKK 20 this evening.

BLAZE Service
This is our teenage worship service where we have praise, sermon or panel and intercession. Every other time we have life groups where you are divided into regular boys 'and girls' groups according to grade level, where we talk about faith and life based on what has been talked about at the service.

BLAZE Sunday
SERVE – 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month
Here the teenagers serve in different areas of the church. Some of our teenagers are on the media team, where they take pictures for the service. Others are part of the service team, which welcomes people, helps with the offering and more. In addition, some help in our kids church, KATSJ. So here, as a teenager, you can choose what you would like to serve in. We believe that it is important that we also get involved in our church and that we contribute to that others get a good experience of coming to church.

EQUIP – 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month
Here we start together inside the service in the culture hall, after which we go out during the collection, and have our own teaching. Here we sit in a room and listen to a lesson for 15-20 min. from one of our own leaders, where we subsequently go in groups and talk together about the teaching and finally pray together.

CHURCH – (5th) Sunday of the month
Here we are part of the entire service inside the culture hall. We sit together on the left side of the hall and there will be some volunteer leaders who sit with the teenagers and create a cozy atmosphere there.

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