BLAZE is a community for teenagers. We meet on Wednesdays 6-8 pm. and Sundays 10.45-1 am. At Drejervej 17, 2400 København NV. Our Wednesdays take place in Azusa in Kirken i Kulturcenteret, which we are also a part of . BLAZE is part of TRIBE which is the church's teenage and young adults ministry that consists of three age groups: BLAZE (5th-8th grade), RADIANT (9th-19 y.o.) and ACT (20+).

BLAZE is a Christian teenage club, who believes in Jesus. It is not a demand that you must be a Christian to join us, we would love to spend time with you anyway. So if you are in 5th-8th grade you should feel more than welcome, and then it is free of charge to attend BLAZE.
The leaders in BLAZE work voluntarily and that says quite a lot about how big of a passion they have for being together with teenagers.


When we gather on Wednesdays BLAZE work as a teenage club with a lot of different program. We have divided our evenings into three categories so that you will have a better overview of when the different things are happening, and so that you know what you are attending and what you are inviting into. It applies for all Wednesdays that we eat from 6-6.30 pm. (unless we are out of the house) where after the actual program starts.
BLAZE Hangout
Here is an opportunity for you to part of and invite to a cosy evening in nice surroundings with friends and leaders, where there will be plenty of fellowship, good talks, games, pool, foosball, ping pong, sweet shop, "hygge" and much more. Besides that, we have our life groups every second Café Night where you are divided into permanent boys- and girls groups depending on which grade you are in school. Here we talk about life and how people are doing.
An evening with a special event, where we are sometimes out of the house for ice skating, trampoline land, laser game etc. It could also be an evening at Drejervej where we have a Roller Skate Night, Battlefield with paper balls, bingo, Ultimate Pizza Frisbee etc.
BLAZE Service
This evening we have our own meeting where we gather to have fellowship with each other and Jesus where we worship and pray together. Besides that, we listen to a relevant preaching, and where there will be an opportunity for you to be prayed for. Every second Church-Night we have life groups, where you are divided into permanent boys- and girls groups depending on which grade you are in school. Here we talk about all sorts of questions regarding faith.

BLAZE Sunday

When we meet on Sundays it is with our church family in Kirken i Kulturcenteret. We hope that BLAZE won't become an isolated club, but that we, together, have fellowship with our Danish-, multicultural and age-varied church. On Sundays the 5th-6th graders follow PETA's program, which is the oldest group of kids in our Kids' Church (KATSJ). But 7th-8th graders follow BLAZE's program on Sundays. We have also divided our Sundays in three categories, so that it becomes easier for you to navigate in.
1st Sunday in the month is called: "SERVE"
This Sunday the teenagers are serving in different parts of church. Some are on the media-team, where they pictures during the service. Some are on production, where they help with lights, sounds and multimedia. Others are on the service-team where they welcome people, parking guards, collecting during the offering etc. Besides that, some are singing in our choir. Some also help in our Kids Church, KATSJ. So this Sunday you have a great opportunity, as teenager, to serve in the area you want to. We believe it is important that we engage ourselves in church and that we contribute.
2nd and 4th Sunday in the month we have: "EQUIP"
This Sunday we start together by sitting in the main hall. During the offering we will go out to have a teaching for ourselves. We will be in the BLAZE leaders' room and have 15-20 mins. teaching from one of our leaders and then have some group time where we will talk together about some of the questions the teaching has brought up and finally pray together.
3rd (and 5th) Sunday in the month we have: "CHURCH"
This Sunday we are sitting in the main hall during the whole service. We sit in the left side of the room where you can find us at our beach flag which says "BLAZE - TEENAGERS". We believe it is very important that our teenagers learn the importance of attending church and get familiar with that in their lives. After the service we will go down to our Community Café in the basement.
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