Become a Volunteer

We want to be an open church and inspire those that are interested in believing in Jesus. We want to do that through personal relationships in our everyday lives, through other in our personal network, and through common experiences such as events, projects, and service opportunities. 

One of the best ways to meet people, develop relationships, and grow in your faith in Jesus is to stand together with others to support the various ministries in the church. And not just on the weekend, either! There are opportunities to get involved all seven days on the week. 

Below you can see some of the different ministries we have in the church. If you think any of them seems exciting and you can see yourself on the team for one of these programs, please contact our office by email:, or call 3531 0010.

Café Kant

You can get good food and a quick break at Cafe Kant, which is a part of our church. You can get a delicious lunch buffet and coffee on Sunday and on all weekdays. We want you and others to come in and eat your fill, and experience good and professional service. Can you see yourself working here?


Every Sunday, we need workers to help put together our children's program for kids aged 0-12. KATSJ allows kids to experience an environment composed of security, community, and play. Do you enjoy being together with kids and having a positive influence on their lives? Then, KATSj is for you!


POX United is an inclusive community for young people, ages 16-30. A relevant church service, good music, a fun cafe, and delicious food are a part of the program ever other Friday here at the church. Our young people also meet for lunch in the basement after Sunday church services.


We believe that all people are created for social relationships and community with each other. Connect creates that community for adults in the church. Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, singles have the opportunity for togtherness and coziness with some lunch and coffee. They will also often arrange camps as well as large and small events. If you like helping to create community, coziness, fun, and together, then Connect is the place you'll want to be. 


Our church has a big need for systems and structure to help serve our members. We need help updating our website and the administrative systems that keep our church running and show who we are. We also have a need for technically proficient and educated people. Let us know if technology is your passion and you want to put your skills to good use. 

Woman to Woman

In Woman to Woman, we believe that women in community with each other can accomplish big things. We have various fun and exciting initiatives, activities, and projects that put a focus on togetherness - from one woman to another. We need you! Who knows, maybe you are sitting on the next big idea?

Personal Conversation Team

We want to be a church that is interested in the well-being of our members and others who come to our church. We're also interested in helping with the different needs that come up in everyday life, including those that sometimes require more specialized knowledge. 

Through Life Clinic, we can offer help and advice for the follow areas:

-    Pre-Marriage Counseling
-    Advice for those with children who have special needs
-    Pychological Counseling
-    Conversation Team
-    Financial Advising
-    Pattern Breaking Program
-    Green Card Job Counseling

We already have some helpful people that meet with members of our congregation in regards to the above topics. What if we could meet and help even more people, due to your abiities to counsel them in your area of expertise? That would be amazing! So please let us know if you have any experience or knowledge that you want to share with others, including, but not limited to, the above topics.


Meals have always been a good gathering place for togetherness and getting to know each other. Friends Community Kitchen is an weekly opportunity to enjoy dinner with other people in an open and cozy atmosphere. There isn't a set price — you can just pay what you think is fair. You can also volunteer to help with the food preparations and setting the table.