Active Seniors

Active Seniors is for those that want to maintain a sound body and mind, and meet other seniors to keep their daily life affordable and safe. 

Network Groups

At different points throughout the week, seniors meet together in each other's homes around Copenhagen. Each group is different, but many will often have reflective conversations about existential topics, cosy snacks, and a lot of coffee. This brings the group closer together so everyone can feel free to share what is going on in their life. You can read more under Life Groups.

Lunch Meetings

Active Seniors meet every Wednesday from 11:30am - 12:30pm for lunch at Kirken i Kulturcenteret. At the meeting, participants will often debate interesting topics, sing together, and discuss Biblical topics. After the meeting, lunch can be purchased in Cafe Kant. 


Tiptoe is Active Seniors' Nordic walking club. Every season, we begin a new program and the club is open to everyone. Don't hesitate to join, even if you are new to Nordic walking. 

Visiting Friends

Visiting Friends is a group that gets together to visit the eldery, who for various reasons are unable to get out to be social on their own.


Many seniors have good opportunities to volunteer and share their valuble skills and experience with the church. Moreover, many seniors enjoy the community and closeness that comes with working as a volunteer. You can read more under Volunteering.


Leader of Active Senoirs: Inger Holm Kristiansen

Leader of Active Seniors: Asbjørn Kristiansen