Church actions

We experience all the times in our lives, where we go from one life situation to another. It may be from child to adult, from one to two, or when a little new on is born. We like these churches celebrate and mark through ecclesiastical acts such as baptism, wedding and funeral. Contact the church office if you have any questions


If you want to get married in the Church in the Cultural Center, we as church will do everything we can to make you have a wonderful day. We are available with guidance and assistance on how the wedding ceremony can be personalized and express what you want.

We have no claim that the wedding ceremony will take place at the church's facilities. The church has both larger and smaller rooms that can be individually decorated and facilities for reception or banquet.

As a church, we attach importance to giving the bridal couple the best prerequisites for a long and happy marriage. We therefore offer bridal couple marriage counseling before the wedding, which is a good investment in marriage.


Before the wedding ceremony, the bridal couple meets the church's wedding coordinator, who gives contact to the priest. The wedding coordinator will review the practical things around the wedding and are your regular contact person and will help you with the formal paperwork. Remember, the sooner you contact us, the better opportunities we have to help you.
If you have questions about weddings, please contact the Church's reception desk that will put you in touch with the church's wedding coordinator at the church office.


When a new life begins, we celebrate it with a child blessing. In this way, we as a congregation wish to support the child and the family. The blessing takes place in the Markus Gospel chapter 10, where Jesus says, "Let the little children come to me, do not hinder them, because the Kingdom of God is theirs." And he took them in hand and laid their hands on them and blessed them them.

A child blessing takes place during the worship service Sunday morning, and one of the priests of the church administers the blessing. The child blessing consists of a blessing prayer, which is a personal prayer for God's blessing of the child, the family and the child's future life.


All 7th and 8th grade teens are offered confirmation teaching in the Church of the Culture Center. In our church we do not have confirmation because we do not practice childbirth.

But we have a quote for everyone about the free-thinking confirmation, where the young people get knowledge of

The Bible is allowed to be discovered in their own opinion of their faith.

The young people meet the first and third sundays of the month at. 10.30 to 12.30, where they get an hour and a half exciting education, where there is room for debate, questions and socializing.

The process ends with a party service where the teenagers and their families are centered and celebrated.


When one of our loved ones dies, a number of questions will naturally come up. "Why?" And "What now?". The answers are often poor in such a situation. But the most important thing is that no one should stand alone after a death, and therefore we as a church want to give care and support.

When a death occurs, one of the Church's priests comes to a conversation. In the conversation there is room for both the practical about hymns and funeral, but also the emotional and spiritual issues. Here it is important not to find all the answers, but to ask all the questions.

As a church, we are all along if there is a need. We can help a funeral ceremony in our premises or in the chapel at the cemetery where the deceased should be buried. Do you have questions or wish a conversation with one of the church's priests, please contact the church reception or one of the church priests.


The sacrament will be instituted by Jesus in the evening for his captivity in Matthew's gospel. Through the sacrament, the congregation recalls Jesus' suffering and death on the cross. When the church servant breaks the bread, it symbolizes how Jesus' body was also destroyed or 'broken'. Similarly, the wine symbolizes Jesus' blood.

Crucifixion is a decisive event in the New Testament because it is the basis for the transgression of sin. Therefore, the sacrament is an important part of church life because it is a common celebration of Jesus' sacrifice.

In the Church at the Cultural Center, we celebrate supper to the worship service once a month. All are invited to come forward and attend the sacrament. You receive a small piece of bread and a small glass of grape juice without alcohol. Afterwards, there is the opportunity to receive a short blessing prayer - that is, a volunteer from the church asks a short, personally formulated prayer for God's blessing for you.

Evenings can also take place in smaller assemblies, eg. in the church's life groups, which meet privately.